Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips to Stay Happy as a Migrant Worker

Many Filipinos dream of working overseas so a lucrative job offer in a foreign country may leave one elated and excited. However, the reality of a foreign working environment and the necessity to immediately adjust to a totally new culture and language can be overwhelming. It would not be surprising if an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who always wanted to work abroad may seriously contemplate quitting after some time.

To snap out of these career busters, check out the tips below:

Love what you do. Ever heard of the saying, “Love your profession and you’ll never have to work a single day in your life? The saying should be a mantra for all workers but more so for OFWs who have a lot more adjusting to do. You can easily find joy in your work by recognizing the importance of your profession. Realize that your work makes the lives of others easier and better. The skills and the values you acquire while working also makes you a better person.

Count your blessings. Not everyone is qualified or is given the chance to work in a foreign land. Bear in mind that many Filipino workers back home aspire to be in your position.

Consider the consequences. Whenever the idea of quitting comes to your mind, take time to consider how your decision will affect you and the important people in your life.

Treat it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. Most overseas work contracts have a validity of two to five years. Since this is only temporary thing, make the most of it by taking time to appreciate the culture and the surroundings in your host country.

Do something about it. Identify the reasons why you are unhappy. Is it homesickness, too much pressure at work, or are you simply exhausted? Once you addressed the reasons, the next step is to do something about it.

For example, homesickness can be cured by calling your loved ones back in the Philippines. If you find your job difficult, then you may need to seek help from colleagues. If you are exhausted, you may need to request for a day-off from work.

Treat your co-workers/colleagues as friends. Being in a new place is an opportunity to make new friends. Getting along with the people you work with will surely contribute a lot in keeping you happy. This doesn’t mean that you have to please everybody, it mostly means avoiding conflict with others by exerting effort to work with harmony, being a teamwork and treating others with respect.