Monday, March 2, 2015

What Is The Best Investment For OFWs?

For majority of overseas Filipino workers (OFW), their overseas job contracts is only temporary. So as early as possible, it is advisable for an OFW to think of a viable  investment that can help sustain their needs when the time of their retirement comes.
In an online community for OFWs, OFW members share tips on good investment options one can try. A forumer with a username tops2005 suggested investing in agriculture business like rice fields. According to him, this is a good investment because there will always be a demand for rice as it is a staple food in many countries, including Philippines.
“It will be a privilege in the future pag meron kang ricefields with the dramatic increase of land conversion for real estate business. At least, sa sarili mong pamilya alam mong may maisasaing ka pa at hindi mo na kailangan bumili” tops2005 said. 
Another forumer, astergold shared that he invested money in agri-business. He said his family started with planting coconut trees and they now harvest quarterly. Because of this invesment, they always have money for fees such as school’s tuition when needed.
The forumer adviced aspiring OFW entrepreneurs  to personally manage their own business than hire a person-in-charge. This way, they can easily monitor the progress of their business.
Astergold said in his forum post “Put up a business na kaya mong hawakan. Huwag umasa sa iba or sa tindera, dahil pera mo ito, maigi nang ikaw na humawak.  Para sa akin, di maganda yong bitaw agad ng malaking puhunan kasi paano pag di mag work out, bigla rin bagsak. Pwede na yong mag start ka sa maliit, palaguin na lang.”
 Astergold added that they were also able to start another business from the money they earned from their first investment. They were able to put up a bakeshop and convenience store.
 Real estate is also a good investment for OFWs as suggested by forumer kurikabu. Another forumer, 3stan08 agreed with this suggestion.
 As posted by 3stan08, “An apartment would be economical, may aasahan ka ng monthly income basta may umupa na dun. Or you can try to buy cheap houses then paupahan mo din muna pansamantala. At least may kasiguruhan ka na if all else fails, may bahay ka pa din. Pwede din pasukin yung mga cash loans/pautangan, just make sure na may effective secured system ka sa pagpapa-utang like "no ATM, no loan."

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