Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Steps to Working in New Zealand

Looking for greener pastures? Well, it can’t get any greener than New Zealand! The country is touted as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s Middle Earth, after all! For its size, it only has a very small population of 4.5 million people. This means, it’s a very lucrative country where there are plenty of job opportunities.
So, what’s the first step to working in NZ?
First, you must inquire through a POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration) licensed recruitment agency of any job openings in line with your career.
You will be required to submit documents via the recruitment agency:
  • Authentication
  • Birth Certificate
  • Clearance – Barangay, NBI, and Police
  • Inoculation (if required)
  • Medical Examination fees
  • Medicare
  • Trade test (if applicable)
In case you are directly hired by the company in New Zealand, make sure the terms of your employment and the travel expenditures is clearly determined between you and your future employer. They may offer to pay and help you acquire your plane ticket, visa for work, and other necessary requirements.
You will need to submit the following to POEA:
  • Medical Examination from a DOH-certified clinic or hospital
  • Passport
  • Pre-departure orientation seminar (PDOS)
  • Verified employment contract (authenticated by the Philippine embassy in New Zealand)
  • Work visa or permit
Note that you may be required to pay some transaction fees, including the POEA processing fee. Once you have accomplished all the documents and paid all the fees, you will be issued an Overseas Employment Certificate. This is also your exit clearance at the airport and with the immigration. Make sure you have all your travel documents on hand when you arrive at the airport.
If you’re looking for a job market that is ripe with opportunities, New Zealand is the place to be. Just make sure you meet all the requirements and follow all the procedures and policies set by government department