Saturday, March 21, 2015

OFWs in Oman Be Careful

Overseas Filipino workers or OFWs in Oman should be extra careful with their health while working abroad, as it comes with the possibility of being sick and infected with spreading diseases.

OFWs are warned to avoid eating camel meat and drinking its milk as the animal is thought to be a carrier and transmits the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus or MERS-CoV.

An article from reported of the first death in Oman because of MERS-CoV.

Though scientists are not sure of the origin of MERS-CoV, several studies have linked the virus to camel. Consumption of its meat and milk were presumed as a way to transmit the virus from the animal.

Aside from avoiding eating camel meat or drinking its milk, OFWs must always practice the following as precautions:

good personal hygiene

frequent hand washing

wearing of facial mask

OFWs work abroad may bring their dreams closer to reality with the money they’ll earn, but it is a must that taking care of their health should be a priority, too.