Monday, March 2, 2015

How to Make Long-Distance Relationship Grow Fonder

Most Filipinos choose to work overseas and resentfully leave their loved ones out of the strong desire to build a better life and find career growth abroad. Although it’s easier to maintain intimate relationship when both parties are together, there are also ways to continuously nurture the closeness of couples despite thousands of miles of distance separating them.

Here’s how to effectively grow your long-distance relationship fonder:

Establish strong communication links. In this age of Internet, it’s so easy for you to keep your communication with each other open. Schedule a regular Skype-ing hours where you and your partner can talk almost about everything including little things that happen to you in that day. This will make you feel like you two are sitting down in a couch together after long hours of work.

Do things together. To defy the distance, do same things simultaneously like cooking or eating the same meal at the same time. You may also share an online journal or scrapbook and share online calendars to keep each other updated with your what-have-you's. Watching the same TV program is also one of the ways to defy distance.

Show extra love and concern for him. Aside from daily conversations through internet or phone calls and exchanging of SMS, send him his favorite Pinoy delicacies through his vacationing friends, relatives or co-worker. You may also send handwritten mail or greeting card. Nothing beats the romance and personal touch it brings.

Make conversations with him a priority. As much as possible, make communicating with him a priority to make him feel that he is always in your mind and that he occupies a huge part in your daily life.

Always strive to be happy and positive in your conversations. Being away from home is already stressful and depressing. Don’t make it worse be being skeptical in your conversations or messages with him. Avoid arguing about petty and insignificant issues. There are better and important things you two can talk about.

Avoid unnecessary jealousy and being tyrannical. Give each other freewill and independence to show your trust. While away, consider spending more time with friends and family.