Friday, March 20, 2015

Aim High Pinoy Nurses! More job opportunities for you in UK

Good news for Pinoy nurses who considers working abroad! A European country had expressed opening job opportunities for Pinoy nurses.

This is from the fact that two UK-based placement agencies are to source for Filipino nurses to be deployed in three National Health Service Trusts. They’ve just submitted job orders for verification at the Philippine Overseas Labor Office in London.

Filipino nurses to be hired will be dispersed in the fields of cardiology, critical care, cardiac surgery, cardio thoracic, coronary care and catheter lab, and theater practitioners.

The demand for Filipino nurses to work in UK hospitals will continue to grow in the coming months because of the certain characteristics they possess, which give them edge among other nationalities. Filipino nurses are known to be hardworking, professional, courteous, flexible, and are proficient in the English language.

Filipino nurses who wants to work in UK will have to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of UK. They also need to have a score of 7.0 in an International English Language Testing System or IELTS. Filipino nurses must also pass a two-part competency exam, which is comprised of computer-based multiple choice examination and practical objective structured clinical examination.

A salary range that may reach of up to P1,890,251.06 a year awaits qualified Filipino nurses who are to work in UK.

Greenfields International Manpower Services and Alliance International Recruitment & Placement Services, Inc. are the two licensed recruitment agency partner in the Philippines of the UK-based foreign placement agencies Search Recruitment Limited and Placement Group UK Limited who are hiring Filipino nurses.

*source: gmanews