Monday, April 27, 2015

The Dangers of Being an Undocumented Pinoy Worker Abroad

Filipinos love shortcuts. If they can bend the rule a little or skip some steps, they would do it with the belief that it will make the process faster. A good example is the huge number of Filipinos who choose to work abroad without going through the legal process. They would usually exit the country as tourists then go on to find work in a foreign country without proper documents.

They do not want to go through the legal means which is applying through a POEA-licensed agency or through the POEA-Government Placement Branch (GPB). They consider the process too tedious and costly.

Though some were successful in taking the shorter route, this move is too risky that it is highly discouraged. If you are thinking of following their example, consider the consequences you might face:

You are not entitled to OFW Benefits. Being a legal OFW entitles one to certain privileges. Sadly, you will not be able to enjoy it because you would not have proper documents to show that you are entitled to it.

You may be punished. Working in a foreign land without the right permit is a serious violation and once caught, you face the risk of detention, deportation or being blacklisted.

A legal status lessens chance of abuse. An employer who knows about the illegal status of a foreign worker he deploy may be less careful in following the fair and just employment policies. You may be subjected to very low salary, extended working hours without pay, etc. As an illegal worker, you will find it difficult to file for complaints or demand fair treatment.

Your job is not guaranteed. Those who leave the country as tourists with the intention of looking for a job in their destination hope that they will get hired before their visit visa expires. This is not always the case though. Employers in foreign country may also require an applicant to first show proper documents before they are considered for a job post.

You put the PH in the bad light. You carry the name of the Philippines everywhere you go and once caught doing something illegal in a foreign country; your actions will have a negative effect to the country and your fellow Filipinos.

What You Can Do? Filipinos abroad without proper documents should take steps to correct their status. They can inquire at the office of the Philippine Embassy nearest them. Foreign countries sometimes offer an amnesty period so grab this opportunity.