Monday, November 4, 2013

What to do if you are a Saudi Council Exam Blacklisted?

When you are working in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Council accreditation is very important.  You cannot renew your IQAMA.  Without IQAMA, you cannot go anywhere, you cannot open a bank account and worse you cannot go for exit out of the kingdom even if you want it very badlly.

     When I arrived here in Saudi in my present company here in Jeddah, I submitted all my documents and filled out an application form to be able to take the saudi council exam. But the personnel in the government relations of our company failed to notify me that I have a schedule or appointment to take the exam.  Everytime I ask him, he said INSHA ALLAH...  Then another one replaced him and still the answer is INSHA ALLAH.  Then another Saudi replaced him and alas....He told me I am blacklisted in the saudi council.   What to do?

      The new personnel went to the saudi council office and asked the head of the saudi council to grant us access to take the exam because I am not the only one affected in our company.  It took months for the reply of the Head of the Saudi Council in Riyadh.  After this, 3 months waiting for the schedule of the exam.  Then exam time came, I only have my passport as my ID.  I passed the exam but it is only good for 1 year and at last my IQAMA was renewed.  That was last year 2012.  The exam area was still near the sarawat baroom center.

     This 2013 i passed another application form to take the saudi council exam.  Just attach photocopies of  requirements and 2 passport pictures. The new exam area of saudi council now is in Palestine , just after the Jarir Bookstore, just make a u turn because it is on the right side.  Go there 1 hour ahead of time because its traffic in that area.  It is a big building And a big SAUDI COMMISSION FOR HEALTH SPECIALTIES is written on the front of the building. Do not go there alone because the entrance is at the back of the building It took 2 months 2 wait for the schedule.  It is on the 1st floor.  Leave everything in the locker room including your watch and earrings.  Just bring your IQAMA or your passport.  And thats it.  Relax, take the exam, and when you are finished with the exam, the computer will say if you pass.  Congratulaltions just wait for your new saudi council card and certificate.