Friday, November 8, 2013

I cannot open my BDO online banking

           As a Filipino Overseas Worker it is a big help to have an online banking,  By online banking you will see the remittances you sent were credited to the account of whoever you sent the money to.  The result is peace of mind.  You will see your total savings.  But what if you accidentally lock your account  because you put your password wrong  3 times?

          I have a BDO account.  Unfortunately it was locked  2 weeks ago because I cannot remember my password.  I tried to call the international access of  BDO yesterday.  The customer service informed me that I can unlock my account just by doing it online.  I went to the BDO website.  Wow the BDO website is so user friendly.   So how to unlock?

          1.  Go to online banking log in
          2.  Press account is locked?
          3.  Put the user id
          4.  Press Submit
          5.  You will receive a one time password to your cellphone
          6.  Press again the online banking log in
          7.  Put the user id and the one time password that you received in your cellphone
          8.  That's it.  Now you can open your account
          9.  Now change your password.  Pick a password that is easy for you to remember or
 better to put it in writing but be sure to hide it in a safe place so that next time , your account will not   be locked again.