Friday, June 15, 2018

Helping Hands: My Dubai on a Budget: An Experience from an Expat...

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Friday, June 8, 2018

Saudi Council Renewal through Mumaris by an Expat


1.  You can only process the Saudi council renewal through Mumaris within the 3 months of card expiry.

2  .A new data flow verification is required. Better do the dataflow before the 3 months of card expiration or you will end up like me.

      I just came to know that a new dataflow was needed when I entered the mumaris because my application is always returned stating the reason that I need to upload the final report of the dataflow which the Saudi council commission has previously classified.  I have a previous dataflow 2015 but it is only health license verified.  So even if I upload it 4x, it was always returned to me by the Mumaris.  So I decided to apply for a new dataflow after searching the internet for answers. I found out I was not the only one experiencing this problem.

     My new dataflow verification took 48 days to process. The process started April 19 upon the date of receipt of payment of 1470 Saudi riyals and was finished June 6, 2018 when I received the email from dataflow that a final report was shared with the client (Saudi Council) and I can obtain my report through the website


     I have four (4) documents that need verification. (Education, Health license, 2 certificate of previous employment. 1 local COE and 1 Saudi COE.

     I immediately printed my final report from dataflow. It was 7 pages total guys. I scanned all. Then I uploaded again in the Mumaris. Thank God , 2 days now, it was not returned back.  According to the text from Saudi council , the request may take two weeks if it does not have any remarks.  I am waiting for the email from the SCFHS , waiting for the payment instructions. At 8 pm saudi time,  I received a text and email from saudi council.

     Dear practitioner, your request number xxxxxxxx has been approved.  Kindly log in to your Mumaris account to select payment type.

     I opened my Mumaris, clicked my requests, then clicked the note selection of payment.  I chose sadad. A reference number will be given.  Logged out of Mumaris.  I opened my NCB account.  Sadad was selected.  Biller was saudi council then I put the reference number that I received from Mumaris in the subscriber number of saudi council.  160 Saudi Riyals payment was made for the renewal of saudi council validity of 2 years.  I logged in again to Mumaris.  At last my saudi coucil license is renewed.  I just clicked the print my card and it was printed in  just a bond paper...But at least I have a physical evidence of my license renewal.