Sunday, May 17, 2015

Global Pinoy Auto Asenso Program

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) have long worked abroad not just for the better pay check, investments are also part of their bucket list of dreams. Investing on material things is not bad. In fact, this is the least that an OFW can do to somehow reward himself for the hard work he does in the foreign land. Trendy gadgets are great rewards for ones's self, owning a house and lot is great,too; how about owning a car?
Mitsubishi Motors Philippines is offering a loan program, called Global Pinoy Auto Asenso, for Filipinos working overseas who wish to own a brand new Mitsubishi car.
What is Global Pinoy Auto Asenso all about?
Global Pinoy Auto Asenso is a car loan program introduced by Mitsubishi Motors Philippines in partnership with Unionbank of the Philippines. This car loan program is exlusive for FIlipinos working overseas.
Who are qualified to apply for the program?
Filipinos who are working for two years and beyond are qualified to avail this program.
How can a qualified OFW apply for the Global Pinoy Auto Asenso car loan?
Simply fill out the Global Pinoy Auto Asenso application form online and submit the application. A staff from Unionbank of the Philippines will immediately call you as soon as they get your online application.
What are the primary requirements to be presented if I want to apply for the loan?
Prepare and present the following:
1. Completely filled-out application form
2. Certificate of Employment (COE) indicating their job position and salary.
3. 3 months latest proof of remittance to a beneficiary in the Philippines
4. Auto loan application of qualified co-maker. This can be your spouse or an immediate family member.
How long should I wait for my application to be processed?
Once your application is received, it may take one day (for Metro Manila-based applicants) to five days (for non-Metro Manila applicants) for your application to be processed.
How will I know if the loan application is approved or not?
The Unionbank of the Philippines account officer will notify you through email and phone call.
How will I send my payment?
Once approved, the loaner may send his payment through Automatic debit from their Unionbank account or by issuing post-dated checks.