Monday, March 2, 2015

Tips How to Pass the IELTS Exam

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) assesses the language ability of who wants to study or work in an English speaking country.

Many hate IELTS because some candidates don't really understand it and because of that they don't get their score and because of that their career go through bad news.

Here are some ways to pass IELTS by preparing better:
  • Learn from your mistakes.  Learn, do not keep making mistakes. Yes, you are going to make mistakes and that isn't a problem. Do the test again, it doesn't matter what the examination type or format is. You will be learning or find a teacher to tell you where you are going wrong with your language.
  • Learn skills. Skills need practice but they also need to be practiced in the right way and that means quality, not quantity. That way, your skills and language are going to improve slowly.
  • Learn some general English. The IELTS candidates who suceed most quickly are those who take an interest in learning English. Candidates who only do IELTS work often get stuck. Either they get bored or they don't understand why they need to learn English.
  • Answer the Question. Read and listen to the question and answer it. You would be surprised how many problems you can solve.
  • Know that preparing for the exam is not the same as taking it. During the exam, there should only be one thing in your head-read and listen to the question and answer it. If you are thinking of more than that, then you are not concentrating on your English. All other skills should be almost automatic-you don't waste time thinking about them, you just do them.

The point is to think about how you are going to study. If you do that, you have a big chance to pass with flying colors.