Thursday, March 26, 2015

In Pictures: Batanes

From lush green pastures to wind-brushed mountain scopes to majestic rock formations mounting above scenic beaches to marvellous carved pathways and stone houses- you can only discover picturesque views all over Batanes. Undeniably, Batanes is a perfect escape for wanderlusts who wants to break free from the stressful and busy life of the city.

 Batanes is an island in the region of Cagayan Valley and is considered as the northernmost province of the Philippines which can be only reached by plane from Manila. It has 10 little islands which are dotted even closer to Taiwan than to that of Luzon with Basco as its capital city on Batan Island. Batanes has been the usual target of tropical storms which pass by the Philippines that’s why as an effect most of the structures in Batanes are made from cobblestone frameworks and cogon roofs.

 Expect to be exposed outdoors most of the time during the whole trip in Batanes and be prepared for a cool weather even when it is summer season since it can rain any time of year. So don’t forget to be geared up at all times with your hat or cap, shades, sun block and jacket and umbrella just to be sure since the weather is unpredictable. Usually the ideal time to visit Batanes is during the months from December to May when the weather is cool and breezy.

Photos by Gay General

Nakabuang Beach

Wander at the rocky coastlines of Nakabuang Beach which showcases striking white-pink sands with varied blends of shells and corals. Take a dip into the chilly, calming waters of Nakabuang Beach which encompasses the islands of Batanes and experience a swimming destination that is like no other.