Monday, March 23, 2015

Camiguin Tourist Spots and Travel Guide

If there is one place that anyone would say that is WORTH EVERYTHING – that is the Camiguin Island. Known as the Island born of Fire due to its history, Camiguin is best described as “Paradise”. Sitting north of Cagayan De Oro City, this blessed island is what many people would want to visit. Anyone who would want to experience a life that is different from what it is in the city, this is definitely the “it” place.
I fancied beaches most of the time, and this is definitely one of my to-do list. In going to Camiguin, you have to board in an hour and a half ride to Cagayan de Oro. From CDO, one must travel en route to Balingoan Port for at least two hours then, another hour for a sea-travel to Benoi port and a less than hour travel in going to the resort. But once you get into the island, it sure is worth the rides!Benoi Port
Camiguin can now be reached by plane(Cebu Pacific) via Cebu City. Although it is not daily(only Mo/We/Fr/Su ) but it’s the most convenient way to reach the island.
Touring around wouldn’t be much of a problem, because there are multicabs for rent available to assist you as you go around and get into their tourist destinations. For hassle free Camiguin tour, checkout our travel package here

Tourist Destinations

Katibawasan Falls

Katibawasan Falls
Photos by Gay General
This destination should be part on your list. Even if you’re few walks away from the falls, you would already hear the rush of it mightily falling down. If you have to look at it, you would wonder where it’s starting point.

White Island

White Island
White island 2Never leave Camiguin without hanging out in this place. From there you can see the Tres Marias. It’s perfect for relaxing. However, the best time to go here is when the sun is not so hot. A must on your list.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring

Sto nino Cold SpringLiterally, it is indeed cold and its floors are made up of rocks. It may be slippery so be careful. The best thing about here is you get to swim with the fishes. Ready your goggles for your goggles guys.

Ardent Hot Spring

Ardent Hot Spting
ArdentThe best way to relax ourselves is to splurge ourselves in a hot spring. Just like the Sto.Nino Cold Spring, its floors are made up of rocks and can be quite slippery. Nevertheless, the hot spring is like having yourself a massage.

Sunken Cemetery

Sunken Semetry
SunkenCamiguin is born out of fire because of the four eruptions of Mt. Vulcan. With its eruption the whole capital including the cemetery of Camiguin sunk in the sea. Today, the cross built on the deposition of lava from the volcanic eruptions stands as commemoration to the Camiguin people who had lost their lives. Sunken cemetery is also the best site for diving.
Guiob Church Ruins
Guiob Church Ruins.
church ruinsNot only is Camiguin rich in picturesque beaches, it is also rich in history. Among these is the remains of what was once a church of the then capital of Camiguin. Remnants of what transpired on that fatal day of Mt. Vulcan Daan eruption can still be seen including the ruins of the Guiob Church.

Staying In

Camiguin, although not yet fully developed caters the guests with its warmest smiles and hospitable resorts and hotels. Listed here are the top hotels/resorts you might want to stay in:
Camiguin Action Geckos Dive & Adventure Resort – This place is a cool, quite and lovely place to be at when you’re in Camiguin. They have bungalows near the beach and backpackers lounge if you’re a budget traveller. The place is clean and staffs are warm and friendly. They call it the amazing place of geckos!
Rooftop Hotel, Bar and Bistro. A decent place to stay in. They have different themes for you to choose from Mickey Mouse, Jungle, Blue Room and others. This hotel has television and wi-fi connection. They also have disco during the night. It is a 17km from the port and is accessible to the different sights.
Secret Cove Beach Resort. Waking up to and walking towards the veranda seeing the ocean first hand is what most of us wanted. This hotel embraces that of a beach front hotel. The staffs are welcoming. They also serve one of the best foods in Camiguin.
Paras Beach Resort. This resort is located in-front of the White Island. They have couple of rooms to choose from but it’s quite expensive. This resort has swimming pool and offer water activities like Jet Skiing, Banana Boat ride and Scuba diving.
Camiguin Highlands Resorts– If you don’t want to stay near the beach, this resort is a best place for you. They boasts of a three-story building, exuding class and luxury. The building is of solid structure, Mediterranean in design.
Camiguin is best because of its authenticity. It may have evolved somehow with the new innovations from different sectors, it has remained to be virgin from man-made leisure. With continuous supply of tourists, Camiguin will boost out to be one of the best scenes that will definitely boost out the economy. The notion stays the same, that these people be able to preserve the beauty and serenity of what can account to be as one of the world’s best Paradise.