Sunday, December 21, 2014

Learn Online for FREE

Are you a student?
an out-of-school youth?
an unemployed adult?
a worker?
a professional?
an overseas Filipino worker who would like to take courses at your own pace and at your own time at the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer?

If yes, then the TESDA Online Program (TOP) is for you. The TESDA Online Program (TOP) aims to make technical education more accessible to Filipino Citizens thru the use of internet technology. It provides a more effective and efficient way to deliver technical education and skills development services to the majority.

In order to access the available courses in the TESDA Online Program website, you must first register an account. GO to the website

What are the courses available?
Information Technology
Basic Computer Operation
Computer Hardware Servicing
Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
CAD / CAM Operation
Animation (3D DIGITAL)
Microsoft Online Courses
Game Development
Game Production Basics
Food and Beverage Servicing
Waiter Servicing
Room Attendant Servicing
Bus Boy Servicing
Guest Room Attendant Servicing
Valet Servicing
Public Area Attendant Servicing
Laundry Servicing
Preparing Sandwiches
Cellphone Servicing
Solar Night Light Assembly
Fruit Grower
Diesel Engine Tune Up
Automotive Battery Servicing
Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition
Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing
Trainers Methodology I
Facilitate Learning Session
Trainers Methodology II
Curriculum Development
Health, Social and other Community Development Services
Massage Therapy
Swedish Massage

Once you finish the course and if you think you are ready, you may take the face-
to-face assessment for National Certification at any TESDA accredited assessment
center or order to have a certificate.To contact the TESDA Office near you,

What are you waiting for? Start learning. This is absolutely free
please visit this page: TESDA Directory


Monday, December 8, 2014

How to claim your SSS Maternity benefit?

1.  Before you give birth, file online your SSS maternity notification or what they call  MAT 1.
Just print the acknowledgement that they receive your notification.
 Keep it with you until you give birth.

 2.  When your baby is already out, go to the municipal hall to file for  certifacate of live birth.
Usually it is the hospital or the clinic who will file it for you.
In just 1 week you can have the certificate of live birth.  If you have the certificate of live birth go to the municipal hall to have it DRY SEALED
I paid 75 pesos .

3.  Go to the nearest  SSS branch.
They will give you Obstetrical History form.  Let your OB Doctor complete the form.
The signature of the  Doctor and  license number is very important

4.  Go back to SSS.  Fill up the  MAT 2 or maternity reimbursement form.
Just attach the MAT 1, birth certificate with dry seal of the municipal hall
 and the obstetrical history form.

5.  Show your  ID of  SSS.

6. Wait for 1 month then check your SSS online account.
Look for your maternity benefit to see the status of your application.
 The first you will see is  FOR REVIEW,
  then after that,  CHECK GENERATED,
   then when it reached the post office, SETTLED CLAIM
Wait for another 1 week to 2 weeks for the post man to deliver the check to your house

If you are working abroad just leave your  SSS ID and authorization letter to your trusted relative so that she will be the one to receive your check and deposit your check to your bank account.  .

Congrats.  You will receive a maximum of  32,000 Pesos for normal delivery and when you are updated with your monthly contribution.