Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Laptop with Windows 8: Charms Bar Irritating

I have a 2 months old laptop. The operating system is windows 8.  It is fast to boot open.  But everytime I am reading something or especially when I am concentrated reviewing the NCLEX sample questions from Saunders Q&A NCLEX RN 4th edition, the charms bar or also known as side bar is popping on the right side of the screen.  It is very annoying because I have to always move my hand to the mouse pad side to side to remove the charms bar.  So I researched the internet.  I tried many solutions.  But what worked for my Acer laptop were the following steps.

1.  Download the newest version of the mouse keypad driver.  The name is synaptics clickpad V8.1.
2.  If you already have the classic shell (the laptop will look like the windows 7, vista or xp) just press the          start button. Go to settings and then click the control panel
3.  Look for the mouse.  Click it.
4.  Inside the mouse properties, go to the device settings
5.  You should see the synaptics clickpad V8.1
6.  Press the settings
7.  Uncheck the enable edge swipes.
8.  Press apply and then OK.

Restart your computer, the charms bar is not that annoying anymore.